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No spam!

Sunday, August 30th, 2015

If you are not trying to abuse my site, you don’t need to read any further; this message is not for you.

To a few of you out there:

This blog is NOT a venue for you to promote your business, try to spread malware, or otherwise abuse my system. I pay for this site, not you. Any business promotion will be mine, you can pay for your own site. I approve EVERY post and comment before it is allowed to be shown, so you are wasting your time and mine. When I am reviewing posts and comments I am very aggressive in declaring something to be spam. If it isn’t in English, I can’t read it, so it is spam and will not be allowed. If you don’t have something relevant to say, don’t bother trying to post on my site. Go somewhere else. So far less than one percent of the attempted posts have made it past my screening process. I am taking the time to screen the comments not to prevent people from expressing their opinion (I will not block a post for that reason), but to protect my readers from malicious content and links. In fact, if you disagree with me please enter a comment. Who knows, you might even change my mind.


For those who have posted something other than spam, Thank you! If you would like to start a new post (rather than just a comment on one of mine) then leave me a request in a comment and a sample of what you would like to post. I will review it and, if it is acceptable to me, I will allow you to post.

To those of you who have posted spam, Get lost!

I was the (intended) victim of a computer scam

Friday, June 5th, 2015

You may have heard about the scam artists who call and claim to be getting error messages from your computer. Well, I just got one of those calls. Boy did he get a wrong number!!

He claimed that his company does support for all versions of Windows, and that I am the registered user. He wouldn’t tell me what I am supposed to be registered for, and I had never heard of the company name he gave me (no surprise there!). I just kept asking for details, and for him to speak slowly so that I could understand him through his accent. He skirted the questions, and never would tell me what product I was the “registered user” of. I could hear him getting frustrated, and finally he just hung up.

I guess I could have had more fun and strung him along more. Maybe next time I’ll try to really confuse whoever calls by getting on a Linux (instead of Windows) machine!

Please: If you get a call out of the blue claiming that some company is getting error messages from your computer, be very suspicious. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider, e.g. the cable or phone company) might call you if your computer is affecting their network. Microsoft and IBM never will. What these people want to do is 1) Get your credit card information and charge you a lot of money (and they won’t do anything that will help you); and 2) Install a “back door” to allow them continued access to your computer, or other malware (Malicious Software).

Something else that I expect would put them off is to ask them for a call-back number; I doubt that any of these callers will give you one, it would make them too easy to track down.